Sharing the Practical Paper and Stuff of It All

I have long believed in the philosophy and methods of a balanced and whole Charlotte Mason education.  I'm also a believer that a true, structured, liberal education such as a Charlotte Mason education, is quite classical.  Over the years, I have come to realize through my own journey, and through sharing with other home educators that while the philosophy of Charlotte Mason inspires, the practical-paper-planning-and-scheduling stuff can be a stumbling block.

I share about our journey, my thoughts, books, ideas, inspiration on my main blog, Wildflowers and Marbles.  If you're looking for the why-of-it-all - you'll want to read more there, but if you're looking for documents or booklists or plans, they're all here, organized and linked so you can download and print with ease.  For some time now I've looked to find a simple way for you to find all the paper documents I've shared; this site is my answer.

While I certainly don't pretend to have all the answers, nor the best answers, I have uncovered my own sense of style and form and I enjoy sharing it.  I enjoy practical and pretty, and my sharing here is a nod to both.  Consider this site a little garden.  Gather a few ideas here and arrange them beautifully in your own bouquet!  

I share with the prayer that in seeing how I may have arranged something practical, you too might see an idea, uncover a way of arranging or organizing, and perhaps find a practical (and pretty) way which could work in your own home with a little translating.

Paper.  Notebooks.  Files.

These are the tools that a home educating mother uses as she considers her children, and their education.  These are the tools used to build a gentle form for the days that flow naturally from those considerations.  I hope that you'll find here a few papers that might be of use.

I have organized files into categories which can be found through following the pages organized at the top of the site.  This site is under construction right now, and files will be uploaded as I have time.
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All of the links on this site are directed to, a hosting service that allows me to upload pdf documents. You will need to create a (free) account with Acrobat so that you can download and print these documents.

Please let me know if a link here does not point you to the document described.  Thanks!

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